H Dropbox κυκλοφόρησε σήμερα μια εντελώς νέα Mac εφαρμογή και παράλληλα έκανε αναβάθμιση τις web και iOS εφαρμογές της έτσι ώστε να βελτιώσει την εμπειρία των χρηστών της σε όλες τις πλατφόρμες. Η αναβάθμιση αυτή επίσης φέρνει και νέες ενσωματώσεις με εφαρμογές τρίτων όπως την Slack αλλά και πολλά ακόμη.

With updates to the Dropbox desktop experience, dropbox.com, and the mobile app, users get a single workspace designed to bring files, fragmented work tools, and teams together. The update includes early access to a new desktop app designed to provide a convenient new access point to the workspace.

Οι αλλαγές αυτές έχουν ως στόχο να φέρουν το περιεχόμενο, τα εργαλεία και τις ομάδες σε ένα ενιαίο και άκρως χρηστικό χώρο για μια μοναδική εμπειρία.

Βάση των αλλαγών που ανακοίνωσε η Dropbox:

Bring content together

The new Dropbox brings cloud-based content into the Dropbox file system to provide one central location for all content, including:

  • Cloud-based content like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which users can now create, access, and share within Dropbox. Users can also open Microsoft Office files in Office Online or Google Docs.
  • Shortcuts to web content with links to productivity tools like Trello boards, wiki pages, and news articles. Users can now create and store web shortcuts alongside traditional content in Dropbox.

Bring tools together

The new Dropbox brings together the tools people want to use the most so they can spend less time switching between apps and more time getting work done. Last year, the company announced Dropbox Extensions, a series of integrations that let users start and finish workflows—like signing contracts and annotating videos—in the Dropbox platform. Beginning today, users can also:

  • Start Slack conversations and send files to Slack channels directly from Dropbox, and easily share Dropbox files within Slack conversations.
  • Join or add Zoom Meetings directly from Dropbox, and present files directly from Dropbox in Zoom.
  • See Slack and Zoom sharing activities right next to your files in Dropbox.

The company has also formed a strategic partnership with Atlassian. In the coming months, the companies will build deep integrations across Dropbox and Atlassian’s platforms to create a better way for teams to organize, coordinate and run projects.

Bring teams together

Available via early access with the new desktop app, folders now have improved capabilities across desktop, mobile, and web, providing a rich workspace for teams. Users can:

  • Pin files to the top of a folder to give anyone with access to the folder quick access to important content.
  • Add folder descriptions to give everyone context on the files they see.
  • Create to-dos at the top of a folder.
  • @mention teammates to draw attention to folder descriptions or to-dos.
  • Get updates on file activity, including content shared in Slack and Zoom from any device.
  • See who’s viewed files with the viewer info feature now available on desktop.
  • Comment on shared content across desktop, mobile, and web.